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We use the D&D 4E core books, not the Essentials line. Also get the latest errata from the Wizards D&D site. (See Harold’s list of links & downloads if you can’t find it.) They should just make these books electronic, the way they update and patch them all the time.


See the Doggg’s Delve scheduler.

Character creation (for future characters or new players)

  • Use only these core books: Player’s Handbook I – III, the Power books (Martial, Arcane, etc.), Adventurer’s Vault I & II. If you find something really kewl in a different source, you can try to browbeat Nathan into letting you use it to create a super special character instead of those boring mainstream characters. And if you succeed, we will mock you relentlessly until you make a normal character like the rest of us have.
  • For ability scores, look at page 17 of the Player’s Handbook. Use either method 1: the standard array or method 2: customized scores. (Note that you can generate the standard array using the point system). Don’t use method 3 because Nathan hates dice.

Current party

Boudy sorceror
Harold cleric
rogue (or other <striker>) (secondary)
<defender> (secondary)
James fighter (occasionally)
James x 3 Zanne the ranger
Nick Tiradonna the bard
Brandon rogue
Kyle Paladin
Could use more: defender, then striker.

Harold’s collection of files

For the lulz

Go to Amazon and search on “Player’s Handbook 3”.

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